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What We Do

We’re a cool clothing brand based in Virginia Beach that focuses on one thing: creating crazy hoodies for badass women. The clothes you wear are the statement you make to the world – it’s your vibes, your feels, your beliefs, and your missions.

Inspired by skateboarding fashion, we took the hoodie basics and went crazy with it: from scream-out patterns to big words, bright colors, and vivid images. Our pieces are stylish and super comfortable – giving you the max freedom and creative expression.

What We Believe In

We believe in women who walk the talk, women who hustle, women who don’t take life for granted and don’t accept being average. When society tells us to fit in a box, we tear it up and just grind onwards. The status quo is not something to cater to, but something to break out of.

We’re not the labels people put on us or the expectations they have of us- we are us, ourselves, and we’re badass because we work hard and know we’re talented. Above all of that: we’re proud that our gender makes us women.

Who Inspires Us

The birth of our brand really began with one inspiration: skateboarding women who have to grind in a space that’s male-dominated. But across all sports, it’s the same thing over – from basketball to MMA and soccer, just because men are the majority they’re seen as “what’s acceptable”. So it’s really all the women who break this status quo that endlessly inspire us.

From sports players to musicians, dancers, and artists – as much as scientists, engineers, doctors, and lawyers – we’re inspired by the woman who hustles and never gives up. She might be single, in a relationship, or have a family, but with it all, she’s always doing her best to be as badass as possible

What Makes Us Special

We’re not just a fashion brand that makes dope-ass hoodies for ladies. We’re a brand that motivates, inspires, empowers girls and women – to be the truest and freest selves outside of social boundaries. Because of our skateboarding background, our designs are inspired by super chilled and cool vibes – but we’ve also gone crazy.

Along with our screaming colors and patterns, we also made sure every hoodie is super comfortable – made from premium-quality materials and created in a super cozy fit, you’ll find yourself lounging in these hoodies at home as much as on your adventures.

"Inspired by Female Skaters And Action-Makers ."

Sparked by ladies taking on male-dominated sports, we’re a woman fashion brand that speaks for all the breakout voices Learn About Girly Grind


Respecting The Woman Grind

In honor of badass women who reject fitting in, we’re a brand that speaks for the talent, hard work, and sacrifices ladies have to grind through. It’s hard enough building something real let alone being treated unequally - but we’re here to say “Fxxk That Shxx!” and make clothes that make you feel special.

Inspired, Crazy, Comfortable Fashion

The clothes we wear are our most personal statement. Creating clothes for freedom, winner vibes, and sexiness, we make super cool hoodies that yell out these statements. Making creative hoodies with crazy designs, vivid colors, and scream-out patterns, we believe women deserve something that’s truly special. Stylish while being comfortable - that’s the only way we like it.


Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

We proudly represent all the women who challenge the status quo - who break out of social definitions, who kill expectations, who live their lives doing exactly what they want because they know it’s their freedom. Because our clothes speak for us - Girly Grind makes dope-ass hoodies for women to get their voices in the open.

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